An involuntary break.

This week has been incredibly intense with #societyhack15. We had 48h to come up with a solution for Transdev on how to develop the public transport, make it more attractive and encourage people to take the train instead of the car. Yesterday they presented the winners and they picked out 2 runner ups and one winner in one hour. Transdev did an incredibly good job on pin-pointing the three out of 38 teams, the winners really deserved to be winners!

FullSizeRender 3 FullSizeRender 5

 I had the honor to be in an all-female team for the first time during my Hyper Island experience. It was amazing, and no, not because we were all women but because the team-members were so strong and intelligent! What I noticed though that differed from a mixed-team was that our atmosphere was more open, truthful and maybe even a bit more harsh. We did not fuzz, we spat everything out and declared it onto the table, no matter if it was personal feedback or ideas. This is cheesy but: female-POWER has never been more accurate!

FullSizeRender 8

Mehmet Kaplan came for the presentations, held a good speech and handed out flowers to the winners.

IMG_7866 2

After some after-school hang I left to pick up dogs and dad from different places. The sky treated me with some spectacular colors and so I left school with a zombie-brain and vivid heart.

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