1. Immeasurably or incalculably minute.
2. Mathematics: Capable of having values approaching zero as a limit.
Despite my English-speaking everyday life I find myself stumbling on words and becoming acute aware of my illiteracy. Project English-improvement has begun. I found this tiny word (above) and it’s beautiful! Now I’m ridiculously aware of what/how I write in this blog-post. Evil-circle. 
Last weekend was rather mundane in all it’s uniqueness (please notice all extraordinary words, really making an effort here – the only way to improve).
(WAH! Just noticed I can do a line break without it becoming a double-line break. THANK YOU WORDPRESS!) 
Dinner at Anna’s.
Anyhow, met up with Sonji after school on Friday, went to Muggen, had a glass.. or two? Can’t remember ;)) Then headed to Anna’s for dinner. We played “With Other Words” – lost, we danced – we nailed it!
The rest of the weekend i spent with Lou, my Swiss team-mate. We coded, I forced him out into the forest to run intervals and then we had dinner with MaPa, all in all a fun day!
Ze Lou
Last Wed-Fri we spent working on a cross-program project for P&G Prestige. We made a kick-ass film but unfortunately we did not win, and due to NDA I can’t share the film just yet…
When they announced the winners:
Right about now I’m going to do some copywriting for our project.
Guten nacht! 

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