Hamster-Wheel With a Touch of Rainbow

Added a surprisingly sweet section to my daily-routines on Monday morning, I ran 2km – 10min. Now I’ve done it for three days. I thought my bones would break and my sleepy-head would steer me intro a tree but it’s actually quite pleasant running in a dream-state.

IMG_7053 Other than that the days move in a hamster-wheel. Up at six – run -breakie – bus – subway – school 9-5pm – subway – bus – home – dinner – dogs -workout – bed.

Although, no days look the same at Hyper. Right now we’ve started a cross-program project where we are doing a project for P&G in 48h.                                 On top of that Lou and I are fixing (and going nuts) with our website – which will turn out amazing if we’ll manage to code it in 4 days…..  Hehe.

Routines, I have found out, are lovely. They make me feel productive and on top of things. They drag me out of bed without even thinking twice about it and they free me from second-guessing every step I take – I put faith in them, they lead me where I should go.


Life’s a beach… or something. It would have IF I was ever allowed to fall asleep, therefore I’m in bed at 8.45pm to catch that damn sleep-train before it spirals out into the oblivion of the night.

Goodbye World. 

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