1. Immeasurably or incalculably minute. 2. Mathematics: Capable of having values approaching zero as a limit. Despite my English-speaking everyday life I find myself stumbling on words and becoming acute aware of my illiteracy. Project English-improvement has begun. I found this tiny word (above) and it’s beautiful! Now I’m ridiculously aware of what/how I write in this blog-post. Evil-circle.  Last weekend was rather mundane in all it’s uniqueness (please notice allContinue reading “Infinitesimal;”

53 years alive and 30 years of marriage

Yesterday we drove back home from Skåne. We celebrated mom the night before, for she has turned 53! This week has been lovely. No fighting, no irritation, basically all smiles and love. I believe living in the same house as my parents take it’s toll on our relationship. I am a young adult and IContinue reading “53 years alive and 30 years of marriage”