A Weekend of Variation

My phone is overloaded with messages from Slack, my routines are back in the game, so are my workouts, I’m back with a brilliant team – I’m back in the Hyper bubble, to say the least.

Last weekend began with a surprise party for Anna. It’s almost impossible to lie to her, and even more difficult to fool her – she has her social tentacles out at all times. We all hid in her apartment and B (her bf) had arranged everything so beautifully – and when she entered the apartment with another friend we blew our little honks (don’t know the word for them) and we succeeded with surprising her – kind of…



After that I ventured to Hornstull and partied with people from school till’ the sun rose (just kidding it never does in Sweden). Pavel (the Real Russian) and I (the wannabe-Russian) posed in our Russian hats.

FullSizeRender 2

Sonja found a snailhat. Haha. Don’t ask.

Funny anecdote from the night: I was heading down the stairs to go out on a walk, but my foot bent on the first step and I found myself falling down the stairs in slowotion (stone-stairs). With my left arm clingin on the handrail and my left leg spread eagle against the wall. Managed to keep my head up as I slid down the stairs backwards in slowmotion…


Spent the night with these two, I’m their constant third-wheel. Around 2pm we headed to Lily’s burger and devoured them burgers like we had never seen food before. We had some proper hungover discussions – ranging from high to low.


The rest of the weekend consisted of family-dinner + guests and Sunday was spent doing… yeah what? I don’t remember actually. The train leaves in 30 minutes so I better get going.

Au revoir!

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