Human; Deactivated

Someone pressed the OFF-button on me this week. I’ve been malfunctioning deep under my duvet. It started Monday, straight after we had gotten our teams for X-program. I was short of breath, not present and everytime I stood up my world was on the verge of becoming pitch black – something I smoothly avoided and kept on acting as normal. My energy level has been below zero. Made a brave attempt at going to school yesterday but I fell asleep during lunch and spent the afternoon in a haze. But guess what!? Today I’m singing again and tomorrow it’s time for a doctor-visit to run some tests.

During this time I’ve been devouring a lot of tidbits from the world wide web, presented below: 

Words to Emotions and it felt, as I am sure many feel, that some of these words describe a huge part of what I experience in life on a daily basis. Especially this word (I do this as soon as I am alone, except I play it out into the open hehe): 

  1. Jouska: A hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head.
  •  A home for writers, where you can be multiple people writing the same script. Something like github but for writers.
  • Amazon Studios Here you can send in your script to Amazon Studios and hope it will get picked up by, I don’t know, HBO?
  • I’ve started listening to Leon Else. River full of Liquor  He mainly sings about all the girls he has fucked, that he is not feeling well mentally and that he is using all sorts of enhancers. Haha and that appeals to me :))))  His sound is neat and his singing is quite advanced as he shows in “Messed Up”.


That was that. Au revoir.


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