I’m sitting in my room with my bags packed. My family is chatting downstairs with the clatter of porcelain as background music. Tonight is the event of The Free Projects and it feels like as if we (in the team) are inviting people into our personal bubble. A bubble that hopefully will explode into happiness and excitement tonight.

It’s truly a beauitful day, the Swedish weather when it’s in its best shape, when it’s giving hunches  of the arrival of Spring, yet the air is cold as a Northern river.

I’m filled with nervousness and excitement, eager to get on with the night, to watch my friends beam with pride and plunge into a huge group-hug when all is done.

Deep inside my biggest wish,  is that many will come to the event so we can tell the kids in Ghana that they will get their school, and the opposite is my biggest worry.

Some outtakes from what we’ve been up to lately, the poster-art is created by our wonderful Frenchie Kim Bernet, this is her behance: https://www.behance.net/kimbernet

Wish us luck and pay a visit to The Free Projects



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