Whiskey & Cards, Wine & Kisses

Out of nowhere a charming human, with eyes as blue as the sea, with tattooed biceps and the giggliest laughter ever heard, entered my life.The past couple of days we’ve taken vacation from our chores and spent time together.

I believe that when crushing – give it all the time it needs because it is a rare thing to fall and one better cherish it… Also, I am going to Ghana tomorrow for two weeks and so we felt we had to take our time to find time.

Two couples have gotten the urge to kiss each other when they’ve seen us kiss on the streets. One elderly couple found us all cuddled up on the train and they both said:

“AH! The spring-love is blossoming!” The man added:

“It even makes ME stimulated, here – GIVE ME A KISS!” And so he kissed his wife.

I believe that is the epitome of “spreading the love” ;).

IMG_0080.JPGYesterday we ate breakfast outside, sunbathed on the veranda and played tennis in the garden. We have played our own singing game and listened to music almost every second. My lips are red from all our kisses and my skin is soft from comfort and safety.

Tomorrow is a long sought after adventure coming up, although, these last four weeks have been an adventure in itself.

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