Treats of Northern Ghana

As we woke up around 6.30 on Monday we brought our sweaty bodies out of the bed, into the sunlight. The warm breeze felt as good as a cold shower after a sauna. We were served a small breakfast consisting of meal-replacer bags.

We headed out to say goodbye to Joshua, which was a heartfelt moment for Cam and him, they didn’t get much time together this time for he was heading to study for some test in another village. As we stood with him, these ladies on the motoking came by.


The day flew by in a fast-paced tempo. Camilla brought me to her secret spot down by the White Volta, where nature is lush and green contra the dry landscape that is most of the north.


Ah those African sunsets eh?! What a treat for the mind. On our way there, I, of course, had to try my legs on the African soil…


We spent a big chunk of the day working on our school/life project and had a really good session in the heat at Green House, an eco-lodge run by Ibrahim, Karimenga’s entrepreneur. He does tremendous work for the community such as building the Green House to bring more tourists to the village as well as paying the kids a little to pick up all the plastics lying around, and now he’s building a new little hut for tourists by the White Volta.

At night we ate in the room in the compound and we sweated A LOT, as eternalised below:


A great day all in all which ended on the roof of a hut at Green House under a mosquito-net.


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