In Kokrobite we danced in the moonlight

Yesterday we got back from Kokrobite, a small paradise an hour outside of Accra.

We stayed in a honeymoon suite (to say the least) at Kokrobite Garden. With paintings, colorful houses, a beautiful garden and snaky pathways I think it makes for the ultimate setting for a wedding.


The moon here in Ghana tends to shine brighter than it does in other places. Fortunately I would say, because without it it would be pitch black everywhere.

Both Friday and Saturday night were quite magical, we danced on the beach in the moonlight, with the stars trying to outshine the moon, without success.

On Saturday it was Reggae night at Big Milly’s and I danced for four hours straight. I was so sweaty I might as well had been taking a bath. Felt free as a bird and my smile was stuck to my face all night long. Before the party started a Ghanaian team of acrobats blew our minds away with all that body-twisting.



All in all a great freaking weekend, wonderful people, dancing, sun, the ocean and many unexpected turn of events.

Now I’m headed to the gym for the first time in two weeks and I am PUMPED!!!!

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