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A quiet Sunday

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Sharing the sofa with Zampa, music flowing around me and the cold weather is intrusive from the outside. Mamma was here a minute ago and we shared a coffee and caught up. Absolutely love living in walking distance from all of my family.

My mental state is a bit fuzzy because Johanna and I had a very romantic dinner yesterday at Folkbaren, where they serve ridiculously cheap champagne…

Other than that I’m looking forward to this month. I’m going to:

– Act in a shortfilm on Gotland the 16-19th
– Produce sketches for Chris&Josie
– Do different projects for clients at Yadi Yada
– Go up north with Nils’s family for a couple of days
– Celebrate my friend’s birthday
– Maybe go to London to visit Elsa

Even though I’m not studying psychology half as much as I should I feel that I’m getting more and more into it. I’ve started observing behaviors, noticing defense mechanisms etc. I’m becoming that unnerving observing person that will apply all different psychology theories and diagnosis on everyone! Just kidding, all in all, I just love learning more and more about our psyche’s, it’s beyond fascinating how the mind functions.

Some random photos of late:

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Nature, a Double-Edged Sword

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She lures you in, seduces you with brisk air and long-sought-after golden rays of sun. She sprinkles the streets in leaves which hold all spectrums of colors, she hypnotizes you. Making one believe that life is a walk in a magical park where nothing evil can happen.

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She shows off all her best sides, fooling you into believing that the sky is an ever-changing canvas which she paints, only for you.


Now that she has your attention, she surprises you by showing another side of her, one that is seldom seen. The bittersweet combination of pastel clouds and teasing mirroring, which makes you want to jump into the ice-cold water. Along with colossal, uncanny bird’s nests hovering above ground. Gruesome and fair, all at once.

img_2748Dystopian clouds roll in over the sky and in over your mind. Leaving you with an eerie feeling of that perhaps the world is not as picturesque as it seemed. Could that be nature’s gift and curse? Its’ tendency to build castles in the air full of hopes, dreams and fantasies, only to, in the next moment, tear them apart, filling the air with reality.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Reminding you of how nothing is ever constant, except from change.

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I believe I’m living a dream

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These summer-days are very dreamy. Not because the weather is good, because it ain’t. but because I get to hang out with friends at great locations, spend time with my family and kiss my boyfriend whenever I want to.

I’m lagging behind in my very important blogging about my life, because life is running so fast my bloggin’ can’t handle. Or something.

These are captured moments from when N and I went to his parents house in Skåne. Let me gasp.

Hover over or click the pictures for some writings about the moments. 



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Summer Indulgence

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I’ve spent today in hangover heaven (read: hell). Had almost all of my girls here last night and we ate, drank wine and cackled away. Around 11 Anna and I headed to Karusell with another friend and danced away like maniacs, without inhibitions. When they closed we headed of to F12 and negotiated with the guard to get some pretty decent discount on our entrance-fee, life is a bargain – remember that kids! 😉

How I LOVE being able to have friends over whenever I want and also how much they seem to like my apartment and what I’ve done with it! Means a great deal to me since I want them to want to hang out here as often as they can.

Summer this far is a perfect balance between time for boredom, contemplation and action.  I’m getting a clearer picture of what I want to do, but foremost how I want to live my life and what I want to spend time on. A 9-5 job is nowhere to be seen in the future but rather being my own boss in a team of friends inbetween my own projects. I need every day to be different with new challenges in order to let this restless piece of soul be at peace.

Getting up in 6 hours to play in an annual volleyball-tournament. Our team-name this year is Bigger Ass Bitches, which was the natural transition from last years name which was: Big Ass Bitches.

Wish us luck! =)

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Hotel J with J and N

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He told me not to book anything in on the 12th of June and let me live in oblivion till’ five days before when he revealed that we were going on a staycation in Nacka.

Met him up by Dramaten, with butterflies in my belly and was stoked about going on a mini-adventure. We took the boat out to Nacka Strand, checked in at Hotel J, jumped in our king-size bed and then went and played tennis – which was incredibly fun despite my competitive aggressive side that pops up whenever I smell competition.

“The more champagne in the sun, the more fun” as the old saying goes.

The evening spiraled down into something taken out of a tourist-book that you simply assume is photoshopped till death, but here’s a truth: it’s not. It’s reality.

That tower over there is Kaknästornet, which is situated a couple of hundred meters from where I live!


Fun fact: Our first picture together, ever, was taken by a German/Russian/not quite sure who was there on the pier with his wife to revisit their engagement-spot. Hence, I took a picture of them and they took one of us. Look how beautiful it became…


HAHA. I find it hilarious. Luckily the second one came out pretty cute.


We headed back to the hotel and did this, which I recommend – bubbles and whiskey.


A mini-adventure of sorts!


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Treats of Northern Ghana

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As we woke up around 6.30 on Monday we brought our sweaty bodies out of the bed, into the sunlight. The warm breeze felt as good as a cold shower after a sauna. We were served a small breakfast consisting of meal-replacer bags.

We headed out to say goodbye to Joshua, which was a heartfelt moment for Cam and him, they didn’t get much time together this time for he was heading to study for some test in another village. As we stood with him, these ladies on the motoking came by.


The day flew by in a fast-paced tempo. Camilla brought me to her secret spot down by the White Volta, where nature is lush and green contra the dry landscape that is most of the north.


Ah those African sunsets eh?! What a treat for the mind. On our way there, I, of course, had to try my legs on the African soil…


We spent a big chunk of the day working on our school/life project and had a really good session in the heat at Green House, an eco-lodge run by Ibrahim, Karimenga’s entrepreneur. He does tremendous work for the community such as building the Green House to bring more tourists to the village as well as paying the kids a little to pick up all the plastics lying around, and now he’s building a new little hut for tourists by the White Volta.

At night we ate in the room in the compound and we sweated A LOT, as eternalised below:


A great day all in all which ended on the roof of a hut at Green House under a mosquito-net.