The Youthful Longing for Nothing and More

In Ghana I decided to live my life here in Sweden, more like I did there, which equals spending more money on food, drinks, events, activities, and in return get more experiences and fun-times.

These past weeks have been all about sun-bathing (because summer came to Sweden?!?!! WHAT?!) going out, eating out, going to school, working and spend a lot of time with friends and a sweetheart.


I don’t know how many times Sonja and I have said, in the past couple of weeks: “Life’s too good. When is the shitstorm coming?” then we decided to simply enjoy all this goodiness without any scepticism.

Everything happens within a haze of hopes, dreams and lust for life. I see it in the eyes of my friends and in the conversations amongst us. A lot is cooking but we don’t know what it will boil down to, all these ideas, decisions and the several paths of life one could go down. Everyone has their own route and I love being a part of every single one’s own options and ideas.

I love being this age – all the questioning, advicing, adventures, strange happenings, possibilities, downfalls and the uncertainty to it all. 

Down below follows some snippets of late:


Over ‘n’ out. 

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