Of late

Today is the day! Meeting with the broker at 9 to sign and get the keys. Afterwards I’m heading to school to present for ICA and then I’m rushing back home to pack up some of my things, run to the store and buy paint. Because tomorrow – PAINTMANIA KICKS OFF! 

Of late:


These two on a dramatic night!


Coop is running the ad which I am the front-figure of, all over the place. Got a friggin shock when I drove into my usual store and found myself on what, like 8 different signs!? Felt like a bad dream, JOSIES EVERYWHERE!!!


Our class was cute one sunny day and sang for our PM. We were waiting outside for half an hour, and everytime someone walked out the door we started screaming happy birthday to them, and it was funny to see how happy people became! Felt like we were mood-up minions, hired to lift people’s spirits ❤ It’s about two weeks left now of my first year at Hyper. What a journey it has been.

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