Destruct to reconstruct

This headline could have been the beginning to one of my highly acclaimed poems but nah šŸ˜‰ It’s all about the moving-in chaos that I currently live in. BUT, my bed is here, the sofa arrived today (currently sitting in it m m m), school’s out on Friday and summer is here! Life is friggin’ good. Can’t wait to start sharing my space with my friends and go on wild adventures this summer.

First of all, my team and I won the ICA-hack. Which felt great – first time I’ve ever won a hackĀ at Hyper.


Regarding the reconstruction, this was my livingroom wall when I moved in. Bye green forever, now it’s in a cool grey color painted with Jotun’s mineral-color.


N has been a gem throughout the whole moving-process and helped me with so much. To thank him I let him write his name over one of my walls, just as a memory. JK.Ā IMG_0796

My fambam came by and we had coffee on the floor and soon I can invite them over to MY place for dinner. How sick is that?!?!


Don’t think I need to comment on this picture more than: He’s mine. ;))


We had a mega-celebration dinner for Magnus, Jake and Hank on Mother’s Day (don’t worry, mom was celebrated accordingly). What a treat it was to be ALL of us, girlfriends/boyfriends/extended family, in one room for one night.


Last Wednesday was a day of events. Firstly Cam and I went to Start-Up Grind to listen to Natalia Brzezinski (did I get that right?) which was interesting, what a ball of energy she is! Afterwards, after havingĀ struggled with our useless navigation-skills, we found our way to Brandstationen where my team-mate, friend and photographer Nicolina Knapp had an exhibition. So proud of her, making her way to the top!


Lastly, my gang came by my apartamento. Felt such bliss during that night, to just sit down, catch-up and talk for ages. We ended the evening with laying flat on my floor chanting some Indian meditation-chants. Questionable. I know.


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