Summer Indulgence

I’ve spent today in hangover heaven (read: hell). Had almost all of my girls here last night and we ate, drank wine and cackled away. Around 11 Anna and I headed to Karusell with another friend and danced away like maniacs, without inhibitions. When they closed we headed of to F12 and negotiated with the guard to get some pretty decent discount on our entrance-fee, life is a bargain – remember that kids! 😉

How I LOVE being able to have friends over whenever I want and also how much they seem to like my apartment and what I’ve done with it! Means a great deal to me since I want them to want to hang out here as often as they can.

Summer this far is a perfect balance between time for boredom, contemplation and action.  I’m getting a clearer picture of what I want to do, but foremost how I want to live my life and what I want to spend time on. A 9-5 job is nowhere to be seen in the future but rather being my own boss in a team of friends inbetween my own projects. I need every day to be different with new challenges in order to let this restless piece of soul be at peace.

Getting up in 6 hours to play in an annual volleyball-tournament. Our team-name this year is Bigger Ass Bitches, which was the natural transition from last years name which was: Big Ass Bitches.

Wish us luck! =)

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