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a Sweltering Summer

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I came naked out of the shower when I noticed;
the first rays of summer-sun shone onto my bed.
As if they were a blanket, I crawled underneath them and let their gentle warmth caress my body.
This body which had yearned for their touch throughout a winter’s eternity.
As she spread her energy all over me, I let out a tender tear. One filled up with all that longing, released into a powerful sensation of belonging.
Little did I know, that summer would be…

At last,
I noticed today that the leaves on the branches were bleached
that their comrades had fallen to the ground
A dry summer leads to preterm death
I learned that the sun can take lives
just as it gives life
that everything in abundance,
causes imbalance
and so I greet rain when nature yearns for it
Just as I release a drop of my own
when my sun-deprived body is touched by the first rays of summer-sun


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Party in the Park

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Nils and I traveled home from Sk√•ne to attend Ash’s and Veronica’s massive messer. We were so hyped that we even ditched our parents meeting each other for the first time… Not good, but it was for a good cause ūüėČ

The party started during the day and continued till’ late.

Nima was well-dressed per ush in his robe. Usually he’s not wearing anything but underwear because he hates pants. The robe was, of course, dropped later.¬†DSC03293.jpg


Veronica (on the left) is the best host in the world and treated us with drinks, snacks and LIFE.


A waterwar erupted and I documented with a sneaky smile, protected behind the camera.



As parties goes, it became messier the further into the night we got.



A day and a half filled with funny friends and jolly moods.

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Involuntary Models

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These kindred spirits have been my models since I bought my first DSLR as a 14 year old. Hence, throughout the years, I’ve collected numerous of moments, starring them as the main characters.

Thank you mamma, pappa, Jessica & Jacob (a tad reluctant at first, but he loosened up) for letting me shove lenses extremely close to your eyes and trust me with it.IMG_4558 2.JPG














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Shenanigan’s in the South of Sweden

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Where white beaches live and tiny beach-cottages are situated, I feel at home. My family and I travel to Falsterbo/Skan√∂r in Sk√•ne every year and for the two past years Magnus, my sister’s boyfriend, and Nils have joined too, which adds to it even more.


Nils and I have been a couple for more than a year now and during this trip I experienced a new kind of depth to our relationship. It takes time to get to know someone and I finally feel like I am getting there with him. We ventured out every night on our own adventures. Mainly to look at the sunset, or the moonrise, depending on the time. Being in love and committing this wholly is one of the most exciting journey’s I’ve ever been on.


We spent our days eating, drinking, tanning, running, biking aaaand in the end we looked at the Falsterbo Horse Show.

If you ever go there, go to Fisker√∂geriet in Skan√∂r and order a glutenfree shrimp-sandwich. It’s the one dish I long for every year.


These beauties made me tremble behind the camera. DSC03136DSC03140

Speaking of love, these two sprinkle their shimmering twosomeness-love all over us. Nothing better than seeing our parents still rooting for each other and be the team they’ve always been, now with a touch of what seems to be a reawakening of their love. Am I being cheesy enough? I believe so.


This trip was also the first time I took my Sony A7Sii out for some stills. I love the flatness  and the crispy feel to the photos.

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Running our own bizniz

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I’m going to be that Swede now, nagging about the weather. BUT JEEEZ?! I don’t think the sun rose today, it’s been raining continuously since 8AM, it’s dark outside and it’s 3.35pm, remind me again of why I live here?

My week has been absurdly calm. My partner in crime is ill so we haven’t worked, but that’s fine because internship officially starts on Monday. Oh! Btw…OUR COMPANY GOT REGISTERED AND APPROVED YESTERDAY! I present to you:

Yadi Yada Pictures

Feeling oddly proud, considering we haven’t done much, but with our fighting spirits and idea-puking-bombastic-minds I know we’re going to make this great, no matter the end-result. ¬†It’s a dream come true this, running my own company and shiit. On Monday we’re visiting our could-be office and on Wednesday I went to an AW + tour at The Castle – an amazing co-working space with gymnastic rings in the ceiling, needless to say, I was sold. That’ll be for later though. For now we need our own little hub where we can laugh and rant about manuscripts without disturbing anyone.

Some fragments of late

The weather got cold enough for the come-back of the bearpussy (hehe). It’s hiding on top of my head.
An out-take from the shortfilm shoot. Yup. That’s a salmon.
N and I had the coziest day when it snowed 40cm, commuting was impossible and schools were shut down. He made me soup ‚̧
N and I bought a waffle-bowl iron and a toast-maker and had a delish brunch. 100kr/machine at Kjell & Co – TIP!!!
Cute pap and sis on father’s day.
Handsome man in my kitchen.



Brace yourselves…

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I’m physically exhausted. Yesterday I ran like a maniac, 3 km fast warm-up, then doing 8x400m √° 1.30min (fast for me because I’m out of shape, the WR is 47.60 seconds so there’s that¬†comparison for you), then wrapped it up with 2km jogging. Today Sonja and I went boxing and now I’m laying here with out-of-order legs and arms. It’s a strange sensation, gravity has never felt this heavy. It’s like I’m carrying the weight of the world.

Although, in an hour my friends and I are doing something I’ve been longing for. We’re going to the launch of BOUNCE, a huge room filled with trampolines. I kid you not, this is a dream come true. FINALLY these type of venus are popping up¬†in Sweden, they’re building a parkour-park too. Nothing gets me in a better mood than trampolines, monkey-bars, the ocean, ANYTHING that makes me¬†feel free like a bird, a fish or nimble as a monkey.¬†

What else? We switched to winter-time this Sunday. The days become shorter and darker because the sun sets at 4, also, it’s been raining all day… Depressed yet? This is the time of the year when the Stockholmers disappear from the streets. They slowly crawl back into their caves to hibernate.¬†You know this is happening to your friends when they stop snapchatting about their fabulous out-and-about lives and start going to therapy instead, I’m exaggerating, obviously. But not really, because according to Baba Pendse (chief physician within psychiatry) 90-95% of all Swedes become more moody during the winter. 1 million (10 %) gets seasonal affective¬†disorder.

I will brace myself from this winter by: 

  • Working hard¬†
  • Run outside/take long walks¬†
  • Have a lot of dinners¬†
  • Cuddle with N¬†
  • Try new activites: salsa, paddle tennis, suggestions?¬†
  • Read books¬†
  • Go on¬†a weekend somewhere¬†
  • Play games with my friends¬†
  • Be with my family¬†
  • Go to christmas-markets¬†
  • Play in the snow¬†
  • Go ice-skating¬†
  • Work out at fun gyms¬†
  • BOUNCE, duh!?¬†
  • WRITE a lot. Because this is the time of the year when I actually sit my ass down and write.¬†



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I believe I’m living a dream

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These summer-days are very dreamy. Not because the weather is good, because it ain’t. but because I get to hang out with friends at great locations, spend time with my family and kiss my boyfriend whenever I want to.

I’m lagging behind in my very important blogging about my life, because life is running so fast my bloggin’ can’t handle. Or something.

These are captured moments from when N and I went to his parents house in Skåne. Let me gasp.

Hover over or click the pictures for some writings about the moments.