Mama’s Birthday

Two weeks back I had quite the party-week. It started off with a club-night with A and A, and the day after all of the fam + extended fam met up at Strandbryggan for lunch and celebrated mamma’s 54th birthday. The week then continued with a night at V’s (previous post), a rave on Friday and lastly a great evening at Ebba’s which transitioned into a night at Trädgården where N was king of the castle thanks to discounts and letting us skip the line! Needless to say, I was torn after these days. I’m not 16 no more. But oh it was fun!


Grandma came for the lunch! ❤


The day when I finally caught M on camera. It’s a pity, the world deserves to see such a pretty face!


My Godmother looked as fab as ever.


I don’t know how many pictures I have of Hank drinking champagne, it’s just something about it.


Dad forced me to do silly poses which I called off ASAP for the sake of my camera-lens, didn’t want it to get distorted due to my fugly posing ;))


And mama looked cute as a button.


My squad.


Found these adorable pomeranian’s in a store and it felt like peeking in to a Brooklyn-shop!


Lastly, the happiest man on earth! ❤

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