A magical night at Veronica’s

My friend Veronica hosted a dinner at her parents house at the most lush, serene, beautiful location.

I was filled with joy over friends, jumping on a trampoline, the weather and all the other feelings that come with summer. Here are some memories from those 18h.



At random times half of the crew disappeared into the woods to go Pokémon hunting. When I read this in twenty years I want to remember the P-frenzy and how governments all over the world had to warn citizens about not getting on the train-tracks and hunt, for example. Or how one guy got stabbed by a fence at Stadion in his eagerness to catch a Poké.


The queen herself, Veronica. IMG_0060

The Russian king, enjoying his wine on a blissful afternoon in his lush gardens. IMG_0082

The weird, awesome gang!


The sun went to bed and handed over its’ leftovers to us, the last little beams which threw a cascade of beauty onto our world. IMG_0104IMG_0122IMG_0158IMG_0178IMG_0192

This is how I expect to find Pranav in 30 years from now, content in his sofa with a glass of wine and a dog!

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