53 years alive and 30 years of marriage

Yesterday we drove back home from Skåne. We celebrated mom the night before, for she has turned 53!

This week has been lovely. No fighting, no irritation, basically all smiles and love. I believe living in the same house as my parents take it’s toll on our relationship. I am a young adult and I am more eager than ever to explore my life on my own whilst my parents see me as a kid, nagging and such.  Tricky combination. Therefore it’s been awesome just spending time with mom, getting to know each other again, laughing together, without all the jazz which arises when we live together at home…

Another sweet thing about our trip is that I’ve been in the now all the time. Soaking it in, the nature, the ocean, the people, the dogs, the new acquaintances. Not contemplating about anything really, not the future nor the future after that. Just, NOW.

Dad cooked a splendid dinner with fishy fish, warm butter and veggies + a classical Swedish dessert.

Mamsi in her new dress which she got from pappa :))


IMG_7204 IMG_7211 IMG_7229

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