An evening of unexpected events

Lina came to me Saturday night. After a couple of hours of talking about everything new for me and about how she learns new things as a summer-stewardess I decided to go take a swim. Lina joined and after a while a couple of boys flew past us on their bikes. I said “just like the old days when E & R roamed around on their bikes”. We got to the pier and whom were there if not E & R?! It was them on their bikes! What a happy reunion!

We were talking when a boat came by and honked it’s honk honk which scared Zampa to death so she ran away. I took a bike and started bike home, as I presumed that’s where she was heading, and on our driveway I saw two stranger women, holding Zampa with the satchel flap…. talking on the phone with the police… Thank’s dogs for never causing any drama <3333


Framily photo!

kIMG_1131 IMG_1161 IMG_1185

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