Group Dynamics

There are 50 of us in my class. We have 50 different values, backgrounds, experiences, ways to view the world. We have left the honey-moon faze in our group and people have retreated into being individuals within the group. This means a lot of frustration, irritation, and patronizing bubble up to the surface.

Attending this school means I have embarked upon two journeys, one inner journey for me as a person, and a second one which is me in the group. Today during reflection I uttered my feelings on the disrespect people have shown to each other during this week and how disappointed/sad that makes me.

I realize how within a group/organization, it is so incredibly difficult to stay positive, happy and up-beat when the energy around is not connecting to those vibes. It teaches me how incredibly important reflection is because, and it does not come as a surprise, many felt the disconnection I’ve experienced as well.

It amazes me how so many can walk around with the same type of feelings but instead of talking about them, I for one, retreat back into myself, to protect me from whatever nastiness may arise. When everyone retreats back into their shells, what happens? The negative energy is nurtured and an evil circle is a given.

Therefore reflecting about our experiences and feelings reconnect the group and make us more prone to be alert and attentive to each other’s good and not solely  my own, individual good.

Being a part of this school, this class, is like being a part of a highly intricate social experiment and it gives me a high to be a part of this, because what is more exciting than getting to know humans and travel into their minds?

No matter how difficult it can be at times, spending time with 49 individuals everyday, all day,  it will always be worth it.

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