Sweat Everyday as Matthew McConaughey Say

I’m in New York on a cold winter’s day.
I’m in the audience of The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton.
The guest of today is Matthew McConaughey.
Lipton asks: ”Matthew, how do you stay so fit?”
Matthew replies: ”Nah, I don’t have a particular exercise-scheme but I do stick to one thing, and that’s to sweat every God damn day.”
Ever since that day my motto when it comes to working out has been, and this, no matter how tired I am, or feeling like I’m not in the mood:
”Sweat everyday as Matthew McConaughey say.”
Because what Matthew meant by that is to actively sweat everyday.
To actively sweat means taking a walk for 30 minutes which reduces your risk of heart failure, decreases your blood pressure and enhances your mental health.
To actively sweat means walking up the stairs in your condo and doing it 10 times instead of 1 which will take up 15 minutes of your day.
To actively sweat means buying a jumping rope and jump for 10 minutes everyday.
To actively sweat is losing physical energy and gaining mental energy.
If your intention is to live a life full of energy and live healthily for a long time then I encourage you to Sweat Everyday as Matthew McConaughey say. 

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