Last Saturday I let 60 people into my house to “celebrate” Halloween (Vampireen), or rather; a good reason to throw a party because of all the epic outfits. 

I’m getting bit by Miley Cyrus :O

I spent all of Friday night cleaning and then all of Saturday fixing with props, snacks, drinks etc. Later that night I stereotyped my way into becoming that hostess who wants to crash at 12 O’clock…. BUT I kept on partying till’ 5 when the last people left – a mad scientist, the color black, and the color white.

The party was a success, and for me it was pure bliss conjoining my lovely, lovely Hyper peeps with my equally amazing “regulars”.

We did Fear Pong out on the veranda (an old lanky table with a candle on it), I served hot dogs when the clock ticked 2AM and we danced.

Photos by: Harald Johansson

Freaky rabbit version of a cigar – carrot.

Vampireen-13 Vampireen-15 Vampireen-16

I freaking love hosting parties. Making sure that people are having a good time feels like my calling, Michael Bindefeld – can I come work for you?

Zombie Vogue?

Vampireen-17 Vampireen-18 Vampireen-22 Vampireen-23 Vampireen-26 Vampireen-27 Vampireen-35

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