If Mozart would go clubbing…

…I wonder if he would feel as misplaced as I did last Saturday when I voluntarily went to Collage? Although he was a little rowdy  rascal wasn’t he? A ladies man of sorts? Maybe he would have loved all those Stureplan-girls who go clubbing in big fat feather jackets (which stroke my sweaty bare skin in the most uncanny of ways) and short black skirts.

Lame club-photo, awesome friend.

FullSizeRender 5

Last weekend (Friday night) started with a visit to St: Johannes Kyrka for some Mozart’s Requiem  with dad and Jakie. The choir sang it beautifully. I tried to close my eyes and inhale the music with my ears but two glasses of wine and no dinner had me reeling into the whirlwind of Mozart’s requiem without anticipation, no zen were to be found what so ever. 

That red alcohol was partaken of with Anna at Indigo, then we headed home to her to test her new sofa out. Mio Möbler failed miserably because Anna’s boyfriend had planned a surprise (mount the sofa and have it delivered without her knowing it) but they ended up calling Anna to tell her it had arrived even though he had called them several times to tell them not to… Hehe…

Here are the love-birds, whom I ALMOST managed to make sit still for a picture, they’re like puppies ❤ 

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 2
I felt fancy that day so I initiated the Hyper elevator in becoming my selfie mirror. Although I got caught in the act so that will probably never happen again 😐

Saturday AM held the promise of amazing weather, so the dogs and I ventured out and I was, as always, astounded by autumn.


Then I headed to shop in the mall, and I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO SHOP something. First time in like two years?!  This is celebratory because I did not get agoraphobic until after two hours (probably thanks to Elsa’s calm manners) and because my wardrobe is now a bit more me with two new pieces of clothing + a pair of boss ass shoes.


On Saturday evening we celebrated papa and had a cozy dinner, during which my sibs and I decided to have a photoshoot the day after in the stable. I came home at 4AM and then spent half of Sunday running around on a field photographing my beautiful siblings (what ever happened to my genes? Whose child am I?) and Einar.

Sneak peak:

Still laughing so hard at this picture.


Note to self: don’t take photos whilst hungover. It results in not “capturing the moment” but capturing EVERY single moment. Jeez. Got a thousands of pictures by the end of the day.

Fell asleep like a baby at 7pm  and woke up:


A weekend which felt like a week. AMAZING! 

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