And just like that…

… one semester at Hyper Island has gone by.

Our christmas goodbye was extremely cozy. We checked in with “Strangest christmas tradition” and it was wonderful to get a tiny snippet insight into everyone’s lives. We drew a huge tree on the floor that we got to dress with candles and little notes declaring “My biggest insight”, “What I am the most proud of” and “What I want to develop”.

Right after that Secret Santa came! I, as well as Robin, got some kick-ass glasses (thanks Saba) and Robin and I looked like we sat front row Balmain SS16.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

It feels strange to have time, time to think, to reflect and not having to go up on Monday to go to school. It is very welcome though.

Last night I met up with some classies at Sturecompagniet to listen to Hank who played drums in his coverband. The night moved us on to Bishop’s arms, Dovas and finally Hornhuset – that we did not enter. IMG_8474.JPG

Hank sprinkled glitter on all of us =)

The night ended at 3 and now it’s time for a walk with Elsa.

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