Fire & Joy – Blog tips

If you haven’t visited Nirrimi Firebrace’s blog yet, do it. She has a way with words that…gah. Just go see for yourself. This piece for example: More and more often I look at Bee without that manic consuming love. Often I look at him and he’s just Bee and I’m just me. Stripped of magic,Continue reading “Fire & Joy – Blog tips”

Human; Deactivated

Someone pressed the OFF-button on me this week. I’ve been malfunctioning deep under my duvet. It started Monday, straight after we had gotten our teams for X-program. I was short of breath, not present and everytime I stood up my world was on the verge of becoming pitch black – something I smoothly avoided and keptContinue reading “Human; Deactivated”

A Pinterest for websites – POCKET

Widening my Internet-universe equals hell of a many websites, interesting articles, people of interest, intriguing projects, to keep track of. Tonight I found the solution: Pocket It’s actually silly what a relief this is, there are simply too many good things out there.  Just wanted to share. Bye.

Ted Talk: Johann Hari

Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong – Johann Hari This Ted Talk took all my intricate thoughts regarding addiction and pieced them together in one profound solution, as stated by a Youtube commenter: The opposite of addiction is connection.  It all makes perfect sense and I find it incredibly disheartening and ignorant howContinue reading “Ted Talk: Johann Hari”