When Heaven Split in Ice & Fire

Have I told you about that morning the 29th of January when heaven separated the world in ice and fire?

Foto 2016-01-29 08 27 15.jpg

How the sun sprinkled gold over everyone who witnessed it, and made a promise to the dead grass that spring will come and you will be in full bloom again, shimmering of green. Just wait. 

Foto 2016-01-29 08 30 51.jpg

And how it almost felt as if the world was tilting because of all the beauty it was beaming from?

Foto 2016-01-29 08 28 00.jpg

Have I told you that on that same day, in the afternoon, someone put a sheet of pastel-pink silk between heaven and earth?

Foto 2016-01-29 15 54 32.jpg

How it made the birds quit singing and the dog stopped chasing them? As if they too, were astounded by how their world suddenly appeared.

Foto 2016-01-29 15 55 33.jpg

Foto 2016-01-29 15 55 50.jpg

I guess I haven’t. But now you know…


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