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a Sweltering Summer

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I came naked out of the shower when I noticed;
the first rays of summer-sun shone onto my bed.
As if they were a blanket, I crawled underneath them and let their gentle warmth caress my body.
This body which had yearned for their touch throughout a winter’s eternity.
As she spread her energy all over me, I let out a tender tear. One filled up with all that longing, released into a powerful sensation of belonging.
Little did I know, that summer would be…

At last,
I noticed today that the leaves on the branches were bleached
that their comrades had fallen to the ground
A dry summer leads to preterm death
I learned that the sun can take lives
just as it gives life
that everything in abundance,
causes imbalance
and so I greet rain when nature yearns for it
Just as I release a drop of my own
when my sun-deprived body is touched by the first rays of summer-sun


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Intelligent scum

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What if
people a hundred years from now
will look back at us
in the” rich” world
and ask:
Why didn’t you stop this from happening?
There are no flowers any longer
We have no trees
The bees
no longer buzz around our elbows and knees
The sun is scorching our skin
water tastes like tin
How could you forget nature is a living thing?
Strangle it
and it shall die
Who always survives the harshest conditions?
Multiresistant bacteria


We are intelligent scum
Let’s be intelligent life

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Nature, a Double-Edged Sword

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She lures you in, seduces you with brisk air and long-sought-after golden rays of sun. She sprinkles the streets in leaves which hold all spectrums of colors, she hypnotizes you. Making one believe that life is a walk in a magical park where nothing evil can happen.

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

She shows off all her best sides, fooling you into believing that the sky is an ever-changing canvas which she paints, only for you.


Now that she has your attention, she surprises you by showing another side of her, one that is seldom seen. The bittersweet combination of pastel clouds and teasing mirroring, which makes you want to jump into the ice-cold water. Along with colossal, uncanny bird’s nests hovering above ground. Gruesome and fair, all at once.

img_2748Dystopian clouds roll in over the sky and in over your mind. Leaving you with an eerie feeling of that perhaps the world is not as picturesque as it seemed. Could that be nature’s gift and curse? Its’ tendency to build castles in the air full of hopes, dreams and fantasies, only to, in the next moment, tear them apart, filling the air with reality.

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Reminding you of how nothing is ever constant, except from change.

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Midsummer Madness

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Arabo had been planning our midsummer feast for a whole week and when Midsummer’s day came, he, Pako and Sonja rolled into my kitchen with SO MUCH FOOD! The rest of the crew came at 4 and so we started eating + drinking en masse… 😉 Nils was game-leader and we played burnball, catching apples from buckets, frog-jump, and Norwegian drunkenness.

Here’s a photobomb from the day, am working on the film as well. It’s difficult not to take a thousands of pictures/film of these beautiful friends of mine, hence I have some content to go through…


The best freaking Västerbottenpie any of us had ever tasted. Arabo is a master-chef.


Someone was sun-kissed.. ehrm ehrm, more like slapped.



It’s nice to see that my love for him was captured ❤


Boss ass bitches.


Ash, the curly one with yellow shirt, sure knows how to pose!


Look at this fairy…


We went out on a raid to find flowers and stole them from my neighbours…




V danced with the pole… ;)))


I was feeling it… Timmy was not =/


These guys lost and we all got to shoot them in their bums with the football.


The best fellas!


Don’t mess with him.


Drunken burnball was extremely fun. Highly recommended!




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A magical night at Veronica’s

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My friend Veronica hosted a dinner at her parents house at the most lush, serene, beautiful location.

I was filled with joy over friends, jumping on a trampoline, the weather and all the other feelings that come with summer. Here are some memories from those 18h.



At random times half of the crew disappeared into the woods to go Pokémon hunting. When I read this in twenty years I want to remember the P-frenzy and how governments all over the world had to warn citizens about not getting on the train-tracks and hunt, for example. Or how one guy got stabbed by a fence at Stadion in his eagerness to catch a Poké.


The queen herself, Veronica. IMG_0060

The Russian king, enjoying his wine on a blissful afternoon in his lush gardens. IMG_0082

The weird, awesome gang!


The sun went to bed and handed over its’ leftovers to us, the last little beams which threw a cascade of beauty onto our world. IMG_0104IMG_0122IMG_0158IMG_0178IMG_0192

This is how I expect to find Pranav in 30 years from now, content in his sofa with a glass of wine and a dog!

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Mash Up of Lately

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Lately I’ve been in school finishing our project for SPP. The presentation was yesterday and we kicked ass! Literally so proud of our team and what we accomplished together. All my classies were out celebrating last night but I was hungover and tired as hell from the night before and stayed in like a true retiree… You become what you think, or something 😉

I’ve also gotten to experience many fabulous mornings and family-gatherings!

Foto 2016-02-01 07 31 41Foto 2016-02-06 19 18 52Can you tell they’re brothers? Foto 2016-02-13 21 26 08

My uncle’s wife held a beautiful, teary speech when we celebrated his 50’s.

Foto 2016-02-17 07 31 11Foto 2016-02-17 07 33 43Foto 2016-02-19 06 59 32

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Nature the Charmer

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My lungs are waking me up way too early and as a result my mornings become quite eventful. Today I’ve watched a bit of When Harry Met Sally, walked, worked and written.

On the 12th of April I begin a writer’s class online, I’m beyond stoked to get to learn more and get counseled throughout my writing.

I am planning on going to NYC in spring to shoot a shortfilm with my best Italian buddy Elena. Or planning? Haha, I got the idea this morning and wrote to her immediately and she’s up for it.

Went to school yesterday after five days spent in my house and boy was that energydraining! Being short of breath is no easy life so take care of your lungs folks – Don’t Smoke. Best regards, Mom.

These past mornings I’ve been charmed to pieces by nature. I’m rewarded for my and Zampa’s early morning-walks. Is it flirting with me? I’d like to think so.

Foto 2016-02-01 07 31 45Foto 2016-02-02 07 16 51Foto 2016-02-02 07 17 02

Have a great day everyone out there in the Intersphere!