Nature the Charmer

My lungs are waking me up way too early and as a result my mornings become quite eventful. Today I’ve watched a bit of When Harry Met Sally, walked, worked and written.

On the 12th of April I begin a writer’s class online, I’m beyond stoked to get to learn more and get counseled throughout my writing.

I am planning on going to NYC in spring to shoot a shortfilm with my best Italian buddy Elena. Or planning? Haha, I got the idea this morning and wrote to her immediately and she’s up for it.

Went to school yesterday after five days spent in my house and boy was that energydraining! Being short of breath is no easy life so take care of your lungs folks – Don’t Smoke. Best regards, Mom.

These past mornings I’ve been charmed to pieces by nature. I’m rewarded for my and Zampa’s early morning-walks. Is it flirting with me? I’d like to think so.

Foto 2016-02-01 07 31 45Foto 2016-02-02 07 16 51Foto 2016-02-02 07 17 02

Have a great day everyone out there in the Intersphere!

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