Brace yourselves…

I’m physically exhausted. Yesterday I ran like a maniac, 3 km fast warm-up, then doing 8x400m á 1.30min (fast for me because I’m out of shape, the WR is 47.60 seconds so there’s that comparison for you), then wrapped it up with 2km jogging. Today Sonja and I went boxing and now I’m laying here with out-of-order legs and arms. It’s a strange sensation, gravity has never felt this heavy. It’s like I’m carrying the weight of the world.

Although, in an hour my friends and I are doing something I’ve been longing for. We’re going to the launch of BOUNCE, a huge room filled with trampolines. I kid you not, this is a dream come true. FINALLY these type of venus are popping up in Sweden, they’re building a parkour-park too. Nothing gets me in a better mood than trampolines, monkey-bars, the ocean, ANYTHING that makes me feel free like a bird, a fish or nimble as a monkey. 

What else? We switched to winter-time this Sunday. The days become shorter and darker because the sun sets at 4, also, it’s been raining all day… Depressed yet? This is the time of the year when the Stockholmers disappear from the streets. They slowly crawl back into their caves to hibernate. You know this is happening to your friends when they stop snapchatting about their fabulous out-and-about lives and start going to therapy instead, I’m exaggerating, obviously. But not really, because according to Baba Pendse (chief physician within psychiatry) 90-95% of all Swedes become more moody during the winter. 1 million (10 %) gets seasonal affective disorder.

I will brace myself from this winter by: 

  • Working hard 
  • Run outside/take long walks 
  • Have a lot of dinners 
  • Cuddle with N 
  • Try new activites: salsa, paddle tennis, suggestions? 
  • Read books 
  • Go on a weekend somewhere 
  • Play games with my friends 
  • Be with my family 
  • Go to christmas-markets 
  • Play in the snow 
  • Go ice-skating 
  • Work out at fun gyms 
  • BOUNCE, duh!? 
  • WRITE a lot. Because this is the time of the year when I actually sit my ass down and write. 



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