He moved in

I wake up and feel his arms around me, as I have countless of times. I push his arms harder around me because my drowsy head tells me to embrace the moment – he will go home soon and you won’t see each other till Wednesday.
Then it dawns on me, I’ll see him tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow night, and the next morning… and so it goes, for he moved in with me yesterday. I’m filled with a deep warm sensation of comfort and happiness.
Coming from a family of five and used to having people around, the single-household can feel lonely from time to time and I’m tired of it.
We’ve gotten the question (mainly from the older generations): Well, will you both fit in there?
My apartment is 36sqm and it has a seperate bedroom, I can’t help but think how utterly privileged we are only to be able to ask that question. Of course we’ll both have room.
I don’t want to take part in increasing Sweden’s number of single households (we’ve the highest ranking in the world). Because it’s the saddest thing I’ve heard about my country. Therefore, if I have the chance to live with someone (a very special someone), then I’ll take it. Living together is much more fun than living alone.

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