The Search for Completion

It’s easy to become restless on an empty sea. I searched for islands, islets and land. I found nothing there. I continued, I hoped for rowdy waves, deep caves even whales. My patience departed as I struck my foot down on a nail. Blood came out and ah, finally, pain. It wasn’t the sensation I was looking for and so I opened my eyes even more. A storm came by, an eye for an eye, my oh my. It cluttered the sky with lofty promises, lifeless jokes, hollow laughter of damp atoms. I screamed to the sky. Is no one out here but I?! What the hell am I fighting for if this is all, no more? I laughed but only madness left my mouth. As the storm settled, morning came, I picked up binoculars in a last attempt. Raw anger from the night before tingling in my ice-cold hands, blurry vision, is this my decision? As the world sharpened my eyes were blinded by the sun. Is this a pun? In all of this, it was just as is. I let out a sigh, rays reaching out, tearing at my eyes. Struck by the unforgiving sense of living and as light tickled the insides of my eyelids, I whispered into the empty sea, behold my dear, watch me soar away with zero damn fear.

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