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Insights with great impact, drawn from tiny moments

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The four of us sat in an Airbnb bed, freshly arrived into an Amsterdam in February shroud, sipping Cava and red wine.
A constellation of friends that has not been obvious but rather worked on. Connected through our eagerness to connect, out of curiosity for one another.
Sharing memories of current and former boyfriends through videos. I on the other hand, showed a video of me and my dogs.
With swollen tongues we later fell into a discussion of the enveloping of life-events. C outed the idea of; whatever should happen, will happen.
Whilst S promptly argumented that; No! It can’t solely be by chance can it?! Certainly we must be in more control than so? And isn’t that a lazy thought? To simply relax into the notion of life’s motion?
Well, C argued, inbetween those events you make decisions and those you can control but the outcome of those decisions are not in your control.


The Power of One Person

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And all of a sudden you start to feel,
certain things
It erupted from what one person said
Those words,
they make your being chime
A tingle,
you wake up
from sleep
you’ve been stirred alive
Those words,
cling to you like nothing before
You know,
they are your truth
A person,
evoked a spark of life
in you
Other beings can do that,
ability to
turn you into what you really are
Remind you,
of what is your core