Last Monday our program managers at Hyper Island gave us a brief. The brief was to create a list of the one hundred  companies which we find most attractive to work for. Along with that our task was to create an event for Friday. Needless to say, 260 brains started whizzing and buzzing. Then our PM’s left us for the rest of the week. My class, DMC (Digital Media Creative), headed to our floor where we split into subgroups, and then subgroups after that. I became a part of the PR team. Unfortunately I fell sick and got to observe the progress and process from afar. It was amazing to see how quickly things started to happen. All of a sudden a webpage was up: hi100

I worked on Thursday with something which my classmates made up: The Future Box. The venue which we have spent the last couple of weeks is a black box. They decided to create “The Future Box – what is within the box?”. We created several black boxes and then revealed on Friday that we are in the future box, because we are the future! I joined the event full of sponsors, video game room, OCULUS  RIFT & SAMSUNG GEAR VR! I was MIND BLOWN. The OR was a blue room with a chair and pen, whilst the Gear VR had different options of countries which one could visit. I accidentally chose Sweden, Fjällbacka, but anyhow, IT WAS AMAZING. I laughed and screamed at the same time, constantly thinking: I can’t wait till’ this is the future. Also a tad worried because I may not ever want to leave those virtual realities….

Pictures from the event:

“Ugly but loveable” – Froosh, Molly said: “That’s me”, and I thought “likewise”…

IMG_2059 IMG_2097 IMG_2115 IMG_2122 IMG_2154 IMG_2232 IMG_2252 IMG_2263 IMG_2284 IMG_2293 IMG_2328 IMG_2342 IMG_2380 IMG_2413 IMG_2442 IMG_2034 IMG_2039 IMG_2075 IMG_2077 IMG_2106 IMG_2145 IMG_2183 IMG_2204 IMG_2220 IMG_2324 IMG_2419

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