Presentation Technique

To progress as a human it is fundamental to step out of ones comfort zones. It could be as simple as daring to walk up to a cute person in a bar or to present in front of X numbers of humans.

Thanks to school I got to meet and learn from Ilene Sawka. A wonderful person who accidentally became Crown Princess Victoria’s rhetorics teacher in English and after that her career in communication skills got up to express speed (my interpretation of it, she spoke only briefly about this).

Our mission was to prepare a 1.30min presentation about something we want to encourage people to do. My speech is in the post before this one.

When I stood there in front of a group of 8, including Ilene, my heart was racing, I could hear it thumping in my ears. I thought I would faint. We were filmed and then got feedback from ourselves, Ilene, and the rest of the group. My feedback was rewarding and satisfactory and so I knew I had done a good job. Although I can’t get it around my head how standing in front of a film crew, delivering someone else’s written lines, and being completely calm while doing so is so different from doing a presentation?!

It’s probably because I’m presenting myself and my own words, but STILL, it drives me nuts. I suppose practice, practice, and practice is the key and one day doing a presentation will be within my comfort zone.

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