What a Day and Night

Yes! What a day and night! Our exhibition exceeded my expectations by thousands-folds. People were queuing for ages and there were probably around 800-1000 beings who came and saw our projects.

My team and I stood and gazed out over our part of the project while people were interacting with it, we were filled with pride and smiles.

Part of my team inside our installation:


Since the visitors did not know we were the ones who had put it up we overheard some neat feedback (THANK YOU!!!<3) and for the first time on my Hyper Island journey I was really, really proud to show off what we had made (perhaps because this was our longest project thus far, which lead to us having a lot of time to trial and error). We managed to bring an epic experience to people without killing ourselves along the way (not working too long hours etc.) and we succeeded with the “simple but deep”- theory. 

IMG_3923 IMG_3960

This was the first time I did an exhibition and I see now how artists must feel when they show off their pieces in galleries and such. I connect it with acting – you make people feel one way or another and in this squirrel-wheel of life where days  float together, doing the same things without really contemplating about it, it’s gratifying to be able to make people reconnect with their emotions and thoughts. 

Another rewarding part of it was to invite my friends and family over to come and see what the heck we are doing at school really. Felt like I invited them to a part of my world which they now have a tad more insight in! IMG_3688

The day started at 8.30am and we got it all up and running by 4.30pm, an hour before all the guests came, so some of us went and had a celebratory beer/wine!

I was photographing the whole night to put up pictures from the exhibition on the webpage so my third eye was constantly on and with so many amazing light-effects and pretty people it was a dream-scenario to shoot in. 
IMG_3744 IMG_3856 IMG_3859

Ended the night at Laika, Sonja and Farre joined, so we played drinking games, talked (screamed over the music) and danced a lil’.

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