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Mash Up of Lately

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Lately I’ve been in school finishing our project for SPP. The presentation was yesterday and we kicked ass! Literally so proud of our team and what we accomplished together. All my classies were out celebrating last night but I was hungover and tired as hell from the night before and stayed in like a true retiree… You become what you think, or something ūüėČ

I’ve also gotten to experience many fabulous mornings and family-gatherings!

Foto 2016-02-01 07 31 41Foto 2016-02-06 19 18 52Can you tell they’re brothers?¬†Foto 2016-02-13 21 26 08

My uncle’s wife held a beautiful, teary speech when we celebrated his 50’s.

Foto 2016-02-17 07 31 11Foto 2016-02-17 07 33 43Foto 2016-02-19 06 59 32

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Nature the Charmer

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My lungs are waking me up way too early and as a result my mornings become quite eventful. Today I’ve watched a bit of When Harry Met Sally, walked, worked and written.

On the 12th of April I begin a writer’s class online, I’m beyond stoked to get to learn more and get counseled throughout my writing.

I am planning on going to NYC in spring to shoot¬†a shortfilm with my best Italian buddy Elena. Or planning? Haha, I got the idea this morning and wrote to her immediately and she’s up for it.

Went to school yesterday after five days spent in my house and boy was that energydraining! Being short of breath is no easy life so take care of your lungs folks – Don’t Smoke. Best regards, Mom.

These past mornings I’ve been charmed to pieces by nature. I’m rewarded for my and Zampa’s early morning-walks. Is it flirting with me? I’d like to think so.

Foto 2016-02-01 07 31 45Foto 2016-02-02 07 16 51Foto 2016-02-02 07 17 02

Have a great day everyone out there in the Intersphere!

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Into The Way Out Secret Cosmic Grinda Island

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The 15th of August I, quite spontaneously, joined some of my classies to go to a one-day festival at Grinda. I had no idea what to expect and I guess I never could have expected what came before me¬†anyway. The day was amazing, a brilliant Swedish summer’s day, which turned into evening with booze and wine, which turned into night with loud music and starry skies. We ended up on a cliff stargazing and it was magical. We intended to go home but all the taxi-boat drivers were apparently fast asleep and so we slept underneath the tent which covered the restaurant-patio. Young and reckless ūüėČ


The boys teased Ash who did not want his glorious curls to get wet and determinedly splashed water on him…

IMG_1401IMG_1487IMG_1482 IMG_1496 IMG_1524 IMG_1565

This is where we slept. We collected blankets like ants collect needles and then we cuddled up in a 7-man spoon and slept till’ the sun hit our eyes. It was cold and cozy.
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High in spirit

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Back in my room, staring at the rain pouring rigorously, landing softly onto the newly sprung apples. 

What a change of environment and surroundings can do to one’s soul. With high spirits, tanned skin and sun in our eyes we landed here in Sweden. With us brought we the tingling¬†knowledge of that 4 hours from Stockholm, the sun is constantly shining, the cicadas always¬†serenading and the earth frantically burning.

At 5.45 this morning I awoke to break my fast and then¬†headed out on¬†a run before the flight. Same as yesterday. Those morning runs combined with swims in the Mediterranean, 2 hour walks in the terrain and loads of writing and reading – magical! But back to the runs. Running on roads whom lick the mountainside with an astonishing view over THE¬†ocean, the ocean which holds many of my sweetest childhood vacation memories, that sensation along with burning feet, sweat and cute elderly men on their morning walks will fuel me till’ winter comes.


IMG_0571 IMG_0552 IMG_0434 IMG_0584 IMG_0588



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Everyone¬†who’s not in Sweden right now is missing out. I hope you suffer so hard from FOMO that you immediately book a ticket, get your ass over here and in the mean time boost our economy a little ūüėČ


IMG_0763 IMG_0793 IMG_2537 IMG_2161 IMG_2292 IMG_2632 IMG_3230

Late bright nights, warm days, hungry eyes, smiling faces, sun-warm skin, people on the streets, lush nature – all in the colors of green, red, yellow & gold.

Ah summer. How good you are.


Romanticize the absent mind

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Summer. Has. Arrived. IIIIIIIIIIIHHHH!

That was my summer-scream. Began this day with a 45 minute walk with my dog. I stopped by a cliff and did some stretch/yoga-movements, stared out over the open water, sun touching my bed-swollen face, thinking: this day will be tremendous.

For 45 minutes I was nowhere in my mind, I was out in the open, still sleep-dazed and I was struck by how meditation, or simply walking, running, without being aware of one’s mind and thoughts is like a happy-pill. ¬†A place where “worries” can’t enter. A place that can join me throughout the day and that I can re-enter whenever I want to.

People, go get that peace of mind. It will become your new lover.

IMG_2537 IMG_1642 IMG_1671 IMG_1773


Restless brain

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I’m yearning for adventure, new humans, old friends, laughter, adrenaline-kicks, the ocean, fast runs, sun, sunsets, sunrise, tanned soft skin, kisses, flirts, all smiles, summer-rain, hot weather, become short of breath because of someone, make someone short of breath because of me, breathe the air of the mountains, skinny-dip in mountain lakes and just scream and laugh and live because I can!

IMG_7368 IMG_7404 IMG_7569 IMG_0940 IMG_1649 IMG_1768 IMG_0921 IMG_2218 IMG_9477