Mash Up of Lately

Lately I’ve been in school finishing our project for SPP. The presentation was yesterday and we kicked ass! Literally so proud of our team and what we accomplished together. All my classies were out celebrating last night but I was hungover and tired as hell from the night before and stayed in like a true retiree… You become what you think, or something 😉

I’ve also gotten to experience many fabulous mornings and family-gatherings!

Foto 2016-02-01 07 31 41Foto 2016-02-06 19 18 52Can you tell they’re brothers? Foto 2016-02-13 21 26 08

My uncle’s wife held a beautiful, teary speech when we celebrated his 50’s.

Foto 2016-02-17 07 31 11Foto 2016-02-17 07 33 43Foto 2016-02-19 06 59 32

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