Hotel J with J and N

He told me not to book anything in on the 12th of June and let me live in oblivion till’ five days before when he revealed that we were going on a staycation in Nacka.

Met him up by Dramaten, with butterflies in my belly and was stoked about going on a mini-adventure. We took the boat out to Nacka Strand, checked in at Hotel J, jumped in our king-size bed and then went and played tennis – which was incredibly fun despite my competitive aggressive side that pops up whenever I smell competition.

“The more champagne in the sun, the more fun” as the old saying goes.

The evening spiraled down into something taken out of a tourist-book that you simply assume is photoshopped till death, but here’s a truth: it’s not. It’s reality.

That tower over there is Kaknästornet, which is situated a couple of hundred meters from where I live!


Fun fact: Our first picture together, ever, was taken by a German/Russian/not quite sure who was there on the pier with his wife to revisit their engagement-spot. Hence, I took a picture of them and they took one of us. Look how beautiful it became…


HAHA. I find it hilarious. Luckily the second one came out pretty cute.


We headed back to the hotel and did this, which I recommend – bubbles and whiskey.


A mini-adventure of sorts!


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