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Momentarily Truths

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The eyes we meet, the words we speak
in the now we guess
in the morrow we know
the words were spoken
but the guessings were broken
the eyes we met fret nothing
the mind to which the eyes belonged,
listened to understand
did its’ utter most to grasp
drew conclusions even

but you know, as I know
we’re built off of momentarily truths
for change is inevitable as such
it boils us down to nothing
until tomorrow gives us something
and so the story goes on
about those who knew
until they knew anew


The Four-legged Ones

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I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of cute animals lately, here’s an excerpt from the encounters.


This is Mila, named after Mila Kunis, she belongs to Nils mother and sister. What a stunner eh?


These summer-cats had it great compared to all the summer-cats here in Sweden that are bought by families, brought out to their summer-houses, only to be left there when their vacations are over. These ones lived in a big room with their mama, had plenty of food, water and toys and awaited their new families.



Went completely haywire with the camera over this scene, Mila in the old Jaguar, with the clouds mirrored in the windows – ah, it all felt very cinematic.



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I believe it’s not a matter of time and place

But about how we let us chase and be chased

By time,

By love,

By the worries of our child inside,

To experience wonder

– nowadays we demand thunder

It’s not enough with a train ride to the forest

It’s the urge to feel enticed,



In awe,


All at once or it does not count

Where is the magic in the tiny moments?

Or, foremost, the ability to grasp them?

Have we all become major-moment-junkies?

We share snippets of filtered happenings to strangers

But seldom store them in oneself

– to share with loved ones around the dinner-table

The constant chase for something bigger & better

Leaves us missing life as it passes by